Moving to New York City will cost you.

Living in the city comes with a notoriously high cost of living, with rent prices sitting well above the national average. The average one bedroom will run you $3,200 per month compared with just $1,158 a month in the US overall. Not to mention that even for the elevated price, apartments in the big city tend to be much smaller than the rest of the country.

And while it can be affordable, not everyone can make the jump.

So how can you tell if you can actually afford to pack up and head to the big city without going bankrupt?

“It’s mostly your priorities,” Mary Beth Storjohann, a certified financial planner and CEO and founder of Workable Wealth, told Business Insider.

Being able to afford living in New York comes down to how you spend your money, not necessarily how much you have. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you may be able to swing it in New York City if that’s the city of your dreams.

Here is a summary or the signs, read the full article to find out more:

  1. You have a budget …
  2. … and you actually stick to it.
  3. You’ve factored in the little things.
  4. You’re on track to pay back any debt.
  5. You have a solid job.
  6. You’re okay living with roommates
  7. You have a side hustle.
  8. You’re realistic about your goals.
  9. You’re willing to adjust your lifestyle.

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