How To Move To New York – The Guide is a book by Stefan Wilkerson. Stefan Wilkerson is a storyteller, marketer and traveller. A born Londoner, he has lived in Spain, Cyprus and now calls the great city of New York his home.

His latest ebook ‘How To Move To New York’ started as a few tips that he put together for friends and colleagues, pulling all his knowledge from moving to New York City twice in three years (“It’s a long story!”). After it accidentally went viral, he decided to turn it into a full ebook.

“Even after spending hours on the internet researching, begging friends of friends for tips and advice, and buying every ‘tourist guide’ out there, I still ended up wasting needless hours and precious dollars moving to New York.”

“There were no guides out there that really dealt with the questions you need to know about the moving process.”

“In a time when everyone is trying to ‘hack’ all aspects of life, to make them better, cheaper and less stressful, the ‘How To Move To New York’ guide does all these things”


Moving anywhere isn’t easy. Moving to one of the busiest, most competitive and crowded cities in the world can be a nightmare. The process is expensive and drawn out, will throw loads of unexpected costs and difficulties your way and can be a scary start to a fantastic adventure.

The How To Move To New York guide guarantees to not only make your move easier, but it will help save you money, time and stress throughout the moving process!

The guide will put you a step ahead of the thousands of other people who move to the city from around the world every week. It will help you answer questions like:

Should you move?
How do you find an apartment?
What are the many different neighborhoods like?
How much is it going to cost to move?
How much is going to cost to LIVE?!
…and how can you avoid looking like a tourist?
As well as much, much more!

Be warned though…

This book isn’t a book… it’s a guide.
It’s designed to be easy-to-use, and gives you access to other resources, templates, maps and checklists that you can use at all stages of your move.

The guide doesn’t have everything you could possibly ever want
Many other books overload you with information that 99% of people don’t need. We’ve put thought into what is going to be most important to you.

This is not a tourist guide
It’s not going to have all the best restaurants and great tourist spots. There are plenty of other books that do a great job at that. This is written for the soon-to-be New York City resident who wants to get their hands on all the right information.

Written by someone who has moved to the city twice, and taking in the opinions of countless others, the guide is honest, insightful and updated. It has been designed to give you the facts and opinions you NEED to know before you move.

Purchase the guide on Amazon : How To Move To New York – Save money, time and stress when moving to New York City