If  you’re just new to New York City and still finding your way around, Lady Liberty is here to help. A Facebook Messenger chatbot, AskLadyLiberty will guide you around New York City and all you have to do is ask her questions as you would a friend. AskLadyLiberty has the answers to any of your New York City questions. If you’re wondering how to message her with out Wifi, just look out for the new Link NYC a communication network, bringing the fastest free public Wi-Fi to millions of New Yorkers and visitors.

If you have been walking all over Manhattan and your stomach is growling but you’re unsure of where to eat, AskLadyLiberty. Just type a simple question like, “where is the best pizza in Manhattan?” The chatbot will give you its recommendation along with a link to help you make decision and find the restaurant.

One thing that is sure to happen in city as busy as New York City is the unexpected. Perhaps your sightseeing in Time Square and wind up on Broadway to discover a show you’ve been wanting to see. Chances are, you won’t have tickets. However, AskLadyLiberty can help with any variation of the query, “how to find Broadway tickets.” Perhaps you just need some advice on how to tip. It’s a reasonable question, especially if you’re a foreigner. AskLadyLiberty can help with that too!

The AskLadyLiberty chatbot guide also provides easy links to interesting information about New York City which is a great way to spend the time waiting on a subway or waiting in a long line. Everything from pictures of New York City to facts about the Statue of Liberty and the history of the Big Apple. There’s a link right in Messenger for you to simply click and read. If for some reason Lady Liberty can’t answer your question, there’s a button for you to click and the chatbot will search online for an answer to your question! New York City is a big place but it helps to have someone who knows the city. AskLadyLiberty is just a message away!

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