It all began at a housewarming party.

Lauren and John-Morgan Bush had recently moved back to New York City and were hosting some friends when inspiration struck.

“All of our friends kept commenting that we moved in and everything was put together so fast,” said Lauren. “And I joked and said, ‘Well we’re going to create a business where we come into your home, we unpack you right after moving and style your home,’ and nobody laughed.”

That was the moment when the couple realized they might be onto something.

So Lauren and John-Morgan, both 30, came up with a name and created a website for their new company: Unpackd. The brand new company, which is nearly two months old, aims to help clients settle into their room or home as efficiently as possible, but also to create a space that expresses their specific style.

“People’s things tell a story,” said John-Morgan. “And it’s really interesting because when you see their things, you start to see a person’s personality come through, and I think we’re pretty good about reading that.”

Unpackd’s services range from $200 for a single room to $1,000 for an entire penthouse.

This pre-set tiered pricing structure was crucial for Lauren and John-Morgan because they wanted to make their services accessible to a broad clientele.

“It’s not just a luxury, right? It’s for everyone, and that was important,” said Lauren.

Although Unpackd is still very new, people are taking notice. Lauren and John-Morgan have already worked with two clients and have their third client lined up.

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